~*~ The Ambrosial ALL ONE SPIRIT Godhead Divine Light Of ALL ~*~

~*~ The Ambrosial ALL ONE SPIRIT Godhead Divine Light Of ALL ~*~
~*~ Divine Esoteric Mystical Upanishads Sutras Yogas Vedic Christ Interfaith ~*~

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

~*~ Greetings And Blessings! ~*~

~*~ This Venture Should Prove To Be Quite A Holy Sojourn Into The Omnipresent Divine Mystic Oneness Of Mother~Father God ~ The Essene Vegan Mystic Jesus Christ ~ The Holy Spirit ... Loving~Kindness And Divine Oneness ~ Reverence ALL Creatures And Mother Earth ~ Beings ~ Nature ~ Spirit ~ Realms ~ Manifestations ~ Seen And Unseen... And BEYOND ~ AS GOD ITSELF! ALL ONE DIVINE SPIRIT! ALL IS MADE OF DIVINITY! ~*~

I Am A Vegan Divine Mystic Woman Priest And Founder Of My Vegan Esoteric Interfaith Mystical Christian: "Universal Divine Life Church".
Devoted To Profound Meditation ~ Deep Contemplative Prayer ~ Spiritual Illumination In Oneness ~ Service And Loving~Kindness Towards ALL LIFE.

I Am Also Ordained In: ULC ~ The Church Of Interfaith Christians ~ The Order Of Perpetual Contemplation Of The Divine Effulgence. I Am A Life~Long Celibate Monastic And Vegan Divine Mystic... Devoted To Saving ALL Beloved Holy Animals And Creatures And Mother Earth ~ ALL LIFE ~ From The Cruel, Selfish, Insane, All~Destructive Humans. Shun ALL Things Toxic. Follow Organic Vegan
Wholistic Non~Materialistic Cruelty~Free Holy Lifestyle.

I Dwell In Northern California USA.
Are You Interested In Living These Ideals Or In
Universal Divine Life Church ?

Well... This Is My Brief Introduction... Now Lets Embark Further
On The Journey!

~*~ Reverend Celestial ~*~

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