~*~ The Ambrosial ALL ONE SPIRIT Godhead Divine Light Of ALL ~*~

~*~ The Ambrosial ALL ONE SPIRIT Godhead Divine Light Of ALL ~*~
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

~*~ HaPpY Saint Patrick's Day! ~*~

~*~ HaPpY Saint Patrick's Day To ALL! ~*~ HaPpY Leprechaun's Green Day Unto ALL Beings! May You Find The True 'Pot O Gold' Of Omipresent Infinite Divinity Within And Without ~ Everywhere ~ And BEYOND! ~*~ Stroll In Awe Within Radiant Verdant Emerald Green Forest Fragrant Groves Of Shamrocks ~ LuCkY Four Leaf Clovers! ~*~ How About A Spot O Green Special Herbal Tea With Me? ~*~

~*~ Many Emerald Greening Ambrosial Divine Blessings! ~*~

~*~*~*~ Reverend Celestial ~*~*~*~


Rev.Tom said...

I've posted a link to you from my blog and I love your graphics. What a nice job you're doing. Many Blessings. Tom+

Reverend Celestial said...

~*~ Dear Reverend Tom *** I am thrilled and honoured that you linked my little blog to yours!
My blog is so new and 'filled'
with 'emptiness' regarding the
amount of my entries thus far.
I need to figure out how to
organize and catagorize my Blog
links in my preferred order of
listing. I have many good links
I wish to post. Blessings! ~*~
~*~ Reverend Celestial ~*~

Zrism said...

Happy St Patrick's Day to u too ...

Check out my nice cute st patrick day graphics to share with your reader at


Have Fun :)